I decided to dedicate the first block or section to Wildcard items. Wildcards will be something I hope will draw in your attention or curiosity, but will likely be temporary. From now through Christmas, it may direct you to another site I've designed or project like the "Ballet East Nutcracker" performances from 1987 to 1991, which have been enhanced and transferred to DVD. Or, perhaps a space to cross-promote one of your projects... wide open Wildcars!


Violet combo 450 various pastel hues Pink-Purple bricks various hues texture350 Various stripes Medium Purple horizontal wood VoiceOvers and Voice Actors/Voice Artists is really what I've always envisioned myself doing. The industry as a whole has a vast array of specialties, and only 10-20% of the industry comprises what we hear on TV, Radio and other media sources, especially the internet applications over the pastdecade and a half. Occasionally, I have the need for extra voices, in particulat, female voices for multii-voice projects I'm awarded. If you might be interested, please let me know. If you would like some more details about possibly getting started in Voice work, I can probably help you do so. I'm not an expert but plan to become one! This will likely be my most comprehensive listing of the services offered. Our phones and cameras record didital video, image and audio files. Even when transferring vinyl albums, cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and the like, we're merely converting their analog source to the digital realm, where the new file can be edited, saved and played on digital devices and components or online. Digital Media could also include website & graphic design, along with Social Media creation and maintenance, but we'll tackle those two together in the next block or two, since they're so intertwined and related. The Digital Media showcased here refers to filming and recording, photography and editing those mediums, along with Animation, and perhaps combining all of those elements together in multimedia/digital media files, such as slideshows and videos. 3D Header Text Pink Purple Wood 350 Bone 400 x 400 New Pink Black Purple 350

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multi purple satin 350 Grunge Purple multiPurple Rays wood horizontal 350 purple pink ground texture Neon Social Media Icons IV Content creation, as a capable writer with stong right brain creativity and solid multimedia production skills point to the creation and production of social media content asmy forte. I do have experience and have spent a ton of hours in research of what particular social media presences may work best in promoting certain industries, the best time of day to schedule posts for maximum reach and exposure, which platforms complement one another best (Facebook and Twitter can be integrated with one another to save time and increase efficiency, for instance). Social media platforms and services have been around for more than a decade, but they were just viewed in terms of social benefits and pursuits until mid 2010. That's when the philosophy shift of having an online presence and accompanying social media services to bolster the company website seemed to transition from optional to vital for business marketing and promotion, engaging your target audience and customer base. Tradional means were not effectively reaching the fastest growing segment of society, the tech-savvy consumers armed with more powerful smart phones and versatile smart phones, who have most everything they need in life, at their fingertips.Their ranks grow larger each and every day.

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